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Cookies Law, Cookie Audits and Compliance

The EU Cookie Law and how to comply with UK Cookie Legislation

The EU Directive is protecting user’s rights to privacy online, so as web users learn about the law non compliant sites will be viewed with suspicion or mistrust.

Without detail on the cookies your site uses, it’s difficult to say your users have provided informed consent.

Most users do not know what cookies are or what they are for, but get thisnot even designers and coders we’ve spoken to knew which companies are setting which cookies on their own sites - it’s tricky stuff.

Your research on The EU Privacy Directive and Cookie Audits can end here: Our e-Book on your iPad in 5 minutes, Audit and Solutions with you in 24 hours.

EU Cookie Law e-Book for £38 including Audit, Cookie Privacy Policy and Tech Solution

Take your first step to Cookie Law Compliance.

UK Cookies Law FAQ

“I’ve a website and a blog, do I need two e-Books?”
If you’ve several sites for the same business or entity, click the RED button to buy one e-Book then add the audits you need to cover your membership site, blog, etc. with the BLUE button. You can install our solution in all sites for one entity.

“I own online sites for several different businesses, what packs do I buy?”
You’ll want to install the solutions into each different business, so click the RED button (that contains the e-Book, Audit, Tech Pack and Privacy Policy) and adjust quantities in the cart. If some have blogs, or membership sites just click the BLUE button and top up those with audits only.

“I’ve already got a solution in mind and know what I’m doing, but I just need an audit.”
Click the BLUE button, you can just buy as many audits as you need without any e-Book, Tech Pack or Policy.

“I’m really interested, but my site is thousands of pages, with embedded media, buttons, ads, etc.”
Not a problem, we can handle tens of thousands of pages per site, send us an email.

“I’m a designer, SEO, VA, online marketer, business coach, etc. - Can I promote this to my clients or list?”
Absolutely! We've made it easy and rewarding to promote and sell our UK Cookie Law Solution with E-Junkie.
Our UK Cookie Law e-Book is ClickBank approved so if you use ClickBank, or want to become a ClickBank retailer, you can start or sign up right away. You’ll like what we offer with either E-Junkie or ClickBank!

“I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed since finding out about my new obligations - I’m not at all technical.”
We’ve written the e-Book to be easy reading and the Audit, Tech Pack and Draft Policy form the best possible brief you can hand to your web peeps, with lots of shortcuts for them. So don’t worry, just click the RED button, and you’re all done :-).

Cookie Audit for £30 - 250 site pages View Cart EU Cookie Law e-Book for £38 including Audit, Cookie Privacy Policy and Tech Solution

How to Comply with Cookie Legislation

To ensure that your website is up to date with the latest UK Cookie legislation you need to satisfy requirements enforced by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office). The most effective way to become compliant is to follow advice given in our new e-Book.

And it’s not an ordinary e-Book, it’s a complete solution. You’ll get:

Essential Information • Route to Compliance • All in one Place • Huge Time Saving • Evidence of your Effort

At £38 +vat we know it’s the most accessible package available, getting you away from software solutions without cookie audits, and cookie audits without software solutions or expensive, full service agency overkill.

Cookie Audit for £30 - 250 site pages View Cart EU Cookie Law e-Book for £38 including Audit, Cookie Privacy Policy and Tech Solution

You don't need to ignore Cookie Compliance, you can solve it. Right Now.